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My 12 New Year’s Resolutions – One for Each Month

This year is all about tying up loose ends, finishing things, and getting stuff done! I’m notorious for starting things and failing to finish them. Whether it’s a piece of artwork,…

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This year is all about tying up loose ends, finishing things, and getting stuff done! I’m notorious for starting things and failing to finish them. Whether it’s a piece of artwork, a book, that really awesome idea for a scholarship, a relationship, or whatever; I suck at finishing things…

I am making “finishing things” the overarching theme of the year, but I also don’t believe in making bombastic yearly resolutions. I believe in progress not perfection, and getting better in little bite sized increments.

Below you will be able to find my 12 New Year’s resolutions:

blindedJanuary – Finish the “Naked Lady”

I’ve had this piece of artwork in my room for about 7 years now. Many people have spied it tucked away in the corner of my room. Most of them don’t really know what it’s about or what it means to me. I will be finishing this piece in January, and writing up a post that tells the story of how this piece came to be.

Click for a bigger view!



coffee13February – Lose 10 Pounds

I would like to start the year off by losing 10 pounds; typical goal of pretty much every american that celebrates thanksgiving. However, I’ve been treating my body very poorly for the past couple of years, and this really needs to be a priority for me.

Gonna get off the computer, and see what I can do by eating correctly and actually going the the gym more than once a week (if that).


IMG_1140March – 30 Business Cards

Since I was a child I’ve drawn on business cards as a form of relaxation and as an outlet for creativity. You can get the whole story on this weird idiosyncrasy of mine here.

In March I would like to do 30 more of these cards. 1 for each day. I did this already in 2013, and I was quite successful, but I would like to take another month to draw 30 more!


coffee13April – Lose 10 More Pounds

I have this one twice this year because it’s so much of a priority. Also, I’ve spaced it 3 months from the first goal, because if I put the 10 pounds from before back on it won’t count.

This is going to put me back at 165 which is a healthy weight for me.



Caran D'Ache Zebra PencilsMay – 1 Blog Post a Day

I’ve been trying to build my blog back up from when we shut down The Campus Companions. My traffic has been slowly dwindling from neglect, and  lack of routine content. It’s hard at the end of the day to dedicate time to a blog post; at least a thoughtful one.

In may I would like to pump out a blog post a day. If I’m lucky the habit will stick.


Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 3.21.55 PMJune – Work On Vurchoo.us

What do Benjamin Franklin, Organic Chemistry, and web reputation systems have in common? Maybe you’ll find out when I share my new web app Vurchoo.us.

This is an idea that I’m convinced would change the world if I had enough money and time on my hands.

My goal is to complete a basic prototype, which I’m almost finished with already, that will demonstrate the basic concepts behind Vurchoo, and hopefully allow me to present to a panel of highly target potential investors that I’m sure would be interested in the project.

Take a look at the splash page here.


bookstore.jpgJuly – Read Dem Bookz

I am the type of person who picks up a book reads 130 pages then forgets about it, or otherwise convinces himself that he doesn’t have enough time to finish it.

I feel my vocabulary languishing and no matter how many TV shows I watch in lieu of reading a book nothing will help me lose this feeling like picking up a couple paperbacks.

See this post about some of the books I intend on reading. 

IMG_1146August – Wall Art

As many of my friends know I have a HUGE canvas on my wall. It’s been up there for the better part of a year now, and I keep telling myself I’m going to dedicate time to the awesome thing I have planned for it, but I can never seem to find the time. This month I will be fully dedicating my after hours time to making this wall art a completed work.

Only a couple of people know what I have in store for it, and I think it’s pretty awesome!


renaissance-manSeptember – Uomo Universale Scholarship

I had an idea for a scholarship when I was a sophomore in college. I still think it’s a great idea, and one day I’m hoping that I can get it fully thought out and implemented. Here is a nice writeup of the scholarship, and what I would like to bring to anyone that it is awarded to.

One day I’ll hopefully be able to make this a reality.

You can read the unfinished summary of the scholarship here. 





CoffeeOctober – Quit Coffee

Coffee probably costs me around $1,000 per year. I love coffee. I drink a shitload of it, and it’s not good for me anymore. The cons outweigh the pros and I have to get off the stuff, or at the very least cut down on my consumption drastically. Here is a nice rundown of why I am quitting. I started weening myself off by drinking decaf after having extreme caffeine withdrawal headaches during my Christmas visit to my parents’ house.

Bye Bye coffee…. We had a good run together!


CAshNovember – Save That Money / Kill that Debt

I have student loan debt, and far less savings that I should. This year I would like to have enough money to sustain myself for at least 6 months sans emoployment. I want the type of liberation that comes from not needing an employer, and having the ability to say “Fuck You” to the man!

I also want to liberation associated with not having ANY student loan debt. I want that shit off my plate.




GIBydm2December – Do Nothing

I spend every waking moment thinking, doing, stressing, and drinking more coffee so that I can do the aforementioned things.

I would like to dedicate this month to doing absolutely fucking nothing. Because fuck things.



Sun Dec

America Is Not the Greatest Country In the World Anymore

Post by Aziz Elali. I have no idea what TV show this is right now, but I’m definitely going to look it up, and maybe watch a couple of episodes….

I have no idea what TV show this is right now, but I’m definitely going to look it up, and maybe watch a couple of episodes. The dialogue is a little dramatic, but the message is definitely there, and I thought it was a nice contentious “fuck you” to the people who still claim this is the greatest country in the world.

Fri Nov

Figure Out Your “Inflation Adjusted” Salary

When I was in elementary school we had one of those “career days” where parents come in and share what they do for a living, what their jobs are like,…

When I was in elementary school we had one of those “career days” where parents come in and share what they do for a living, what their jobs are like, how much they make, and a bunch of other stuff. During this career day one of the parents, who seemed relative well off (doesn’t matter what he did), shared that he made $60,000 per year.

Ever since that day, for one reason or another, $60,000 was always the number that I benchmarked salaries against. The problem with this logic is that money devalues over time based on inflation.

For those of you interested here is a link to the inflation rate, by month, for the past 100 or so years.

This past week I decided, for the hell of it, to see what my inflation adjusted salary would be if I was the guy that presented to my class in 1995. Using this inflation calculator, or perhaps the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculator, you can figure out what your salary would be both looking forward and looking back.

$60,000 in 1995 = $93,477  in 2015

I look the salary I make right now, and even though I’m far more qualified, intelligent, and motivated than the parent that presented to my class in 1995, I’m still making less than he was in 1995.

The fact is, salaries are not growing with inflation.

Take a look at the average physician salary in 1995 and then cross reference it with the national average salary for primary care physicians presented on Glassdoor. Plug in the numbers and the conclusion is that the average primary care physician is making $45,000 less than they should today, and about $30,000 less than they were in 1995.

To add insult to injury, education, grocery, and medical costs have grown at astronomical rates, pensions, 401k matches, and other work related perks have ceased to exist, and Americans are working harder, longer, and more ruthlessly than ever to keep their job, or compete for a new one.

In my mind all of this is not ok, and it has happened over such a long period of time that we can’t perceive the changes that have transpired. Boiled frog.

Here is a fun (read depressing) video that highlights the first half of this post, but fails to highlight the cost of living increases, increased productivity, and other aspects of the economy that I mention in the second half:


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