• HEX: #8a786a
  • RGB: rgb(138, 120, 106)
  • HEX: #b9a88f
  • RGB: rgb(185, 168, 143)
  • HEX: #3b2e26
  • RGB: rgb(59, 46, 38)
  • HEX: #54443e
  • RGB: rgb(84, 68, 62)
  • HEX: #544c3c
  • RGB: rgb(84, 76, 60)

Fort Snuggleton / Camp SnuggleWood / Snugglesworth Manor

You are never too old to make a good fort when it starts getting cold and you want to act like a child. Kat and I are children, and decided to craft a masterful blanket fort. You can see the results below.




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