• HEX: #0583c3
  • RGB: rgb(5, 131, 195)
  • HEX: #ebcd56
  • RGB: rgb(235, 205, 86)
  • HEX: #04346c
  • RGB: rgb(4, 52, 108)
  • HEX: #5cbc3c
  • RGB: rgb(92, 188, 60)
  • HEX: #7cc8a1
  • RGB: rgb(124, 200, 161)

The Ultimate DevOps Tool Chest


The Ultimate DevOps Tool Chest was a derivative work of the Periodic Table of DevOps. In the process of gathering all of the info for the Periodic Table of DevOps I had to categorize, and arrange all of the tools into discreet groups, gather their images, and a hundred other things.

I started putting this into a visual representation so I could see my progress as I gathered the tools, and this eventually became the DevOps Tool Chest. It’s not really all that different from the periodic table. It just presents the information in a different, more complete, manner.

Take a look at the final product here.


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