• HEX: #d1c5b7
  • RGB: rgb(209, 197, 183)
  • HEX: #25292f
  • RGB: rgb(37, 41, 47)
  • HEX: #6b443f
  • RGB: rgb(107, 68, 63)
  • HEX: #8a6a47
  • RGB: rgb(138, 106, 71)
  • HEX: #707976
  • RGB: rgb(112, 121, 118)

Instagram Filters in CSS3

instagram-logoEveryone loves Instagram for their filters. It’s their secret sauce. I found these imitation CSS3 filter effects somewhere on the internet (I wish I could remember where), and they’ve helped my bring a lot of magic to my images here on Sparq Vault.

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