• HEX: #0884c3
  • RGB: rgb(8, 132, 195)
  • HEX: #043464
  • RGB: rgb(4, 52, 100)
  • HEX: #d0d9e2
  • RGB: rgb(208, 217, 226)
  • HEX: #5f7f9f
  • RGB: rgb(95, 127, 159)
  • HEX: #7c9cb4
  • RGB: rgb(124, 156, 180)

XebiaLabs Webinar Landing Page

I just finished a new webinar landing page template for XebiaLabs. This page was prompted by a webinar on Microservices hosted by some of the industries most famous thought leaders on the topic. I was given a day to put a custom template together.

I think this template is a good representation of my ability to put together a visually appealing, functional, and integrated hub for a campaign on very short notice.

The page has a Marketo form, custom sharing button integration with integrated links, a custom jquery countdown widget, as well as a ton of other cool features that I pulled together at the last moment.

View the Webinar Here

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