• HEX: #3e342e
  • RGB: rgb(62, 52, 46)
  • HEX: #dad6d0
  • RGB: rgb(218, 214, 208)
  • HEX: #83756b
  • RGB: rgb(131, 117, 107)
  • HEX: #9c9c9b
  • RGB: rgb(156, 156, 155)
  • HEX: #94949c
  • RGB: rgb(148, 148, 156)

Chukkas, Boots, Oxfords, and Tennis Shoes

Below are a list of shoes that I’m looking at. I recently bought the grey Penguin Chukka boots below, and they are absolutely phenomenal. I may buy another pair in a different color.

The rest of these boots, tennis shoes, and dress shoes are from brands that I love, and wish I had to money to buy!

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