• HEX: #0d0b0c
  • RGB: rgb(13, 11, 12)
  • HEX: #bc5f41
  • RGB: rgb(188, 95, 65)
  • HEX: #603630
  • RGB: rgb(96, 54, 48)
  • HEX: #6f5447
  • RGB: rgb(111, 84, 71)
  • HEX: #443c44
  • RGB: rgb(68, 60, 68)

Enter the Bioluminescent Forest

Found this video on Laughing Squid and thought it was real at first. Turns out it’s not, and my dreams of walking around in a bioluminescent forest like the one in the movie avatar have been destroyed forever.

Instead of focusing on real problems I think that scientists really need to figure out how to make this happen.

Avatar Forest

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