• HEX: #110f0d
  • RGB: rgb(17, 15, 13)
  • HEX: #9a8269
  • RGB: rgb(154, 130, 105)
  • HEX: #604634
  • RGB: rgb(96, 70, 52)
  • HEX: #737a77
  • RGB: rgb(115, 122, 119)
  • HEX: #606c74
  • RGB: rgb(96, 108, 116)

America Is Not the Greatest Country In the World Anymore

I have no idea what TV show this is right now, but I’m definitely going to look it up, and maybe watch a couple of episodes. The dialogue is a little dramatic, but the message is definitely there, and I thought it was a nice contentious “fuck you” to the people who still claim this is the greatest country in the world.

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