• HEX: #161615
  • RGB: rgb(22, 22, 21)
  • HEX: #889081
  • RGB: rgb(136, 144, 129)
  • HEX: #484d47
  • RGB: rgb(72, 77, 71)
  • HEX: #6c6b69
  • RGB: rgb(108, 107, 105)
  • HEX: #636865
  • RGB: rgb(99, 104, 101)

Famous Artists and Their Studios

Mark Rothko’s Studiorothko-studio

Vasily Kandinsky’s Studio

Kandinsky is his signature chair.kandinsky-studio

Piet Mondrian’s Studio

Mondrian contemplating the scary number of 3rd graders that would imitate his work for years to come.


Joan Miró‘s Studio

Joan Miro getting the tile floor all kinds of messy.


Claude Monet’s Studio

That looks like an extremely comfy couch Monet.


Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Studio

Basquiat = serial killer


Salvador Dalí‘s Studio

Dali melting things.


Andy Warhol’s Studio

Warhol being homies with Dylan. worhol-dylan-studio

Roy Lichtenstein’s Studio


Henri Matisse’s Studio

Matisse and his plants. Suddenly it is very apparent to me where he got the inspiration for his cutouts later in life. matisse-studio

Pablo Picasso’s Studio

Here we have Picasso looking all curmudgeonly.picasso-studio

Jackson Pollock’s Studio

Pollock smoking a cigarette and ejaculating paint all over his very precisely stretched canvas.


Gustav Klimt’s Studio

Klimt keeping it pretty simple. Art easel for painting, bed for exercising his insatiable appetite for the sexy times, and some bowls that look like the might be for some stray pussy cats.


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