• HEX: #43a3c3
  • RGB: rgb(67, 163, 195)
  • HEX: #daebf1
  • RGB: rgb(218, 235, 241)
  • HEX: #81bbd0
  • RGB: rgb(129, 187, 208)
  • HEX: #98ccdb
  • RGB: rgb(152, 204, 219)
  • HEX: #66b2cc
  • RGB: rgb(102, 178, 204)

JS the Right Way

I’ve been looking for a good resource for learning the ins and outs of javascript, and up until this point everything I’ve found has been lacking. This page pulls all of the missing parts together it seems. I’m really looking forward to digging into all of the resources aggregated here, and following some of the individuals listed on the page.

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