• HEX: #798188
  • RGB: rgb(121, 129, 136)
  • HEX: #e0e2e3
  • RGB: rgb(224, 226, 227)
  • HEX: #b4bcbf
  • RGB: rgb(180, 188, 191)
  • HEX: #bcbcc4
  • RGB: rgb(188, 188, 196)
  • HEX: #b1b4bc
  • RGB: rgb(177, 180, 188)

Guide to CSS Support in Email

This fantastic resource from Campaign Monitor I’ve routinely used for stuff like creating email template, signature lines, and other email related html bits. I would highly recommend giving it a read over, and even using it in conjuntion with Litmus or some other tool before sending out any email marketing communications.

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