• HEX: #443c36
  • RGB: rgb(68, 60, 54)
  • HEX: #cbaa95
  • RGB: rgb(203, 170, 149)
  • HEX: #8b6e55
  • RGB: rgb(139, 110, 85)
  • HEX: #93ad73
  • RGB: rgb(147, 173, 115)
  • HEX: #888da1
  • RGB: rgb(136, 141, 161)

Ricotta Crostini Time


Ricotta Crostinis

Top Row: hard boiled egg and chives; cucumbers, mint and dill; smoked salmon and dill

Second Row: leeks caramelized in butter; strawberries and aged balsamic vinegar; extra-virgin olive oil, lemon zest and sea salt

Third Row: radishes and sea salt; smoked salmon and dill; blueberries and honey

Bottom Row: cucumbers, mint and dill; hazelnuts and apricot jam; tomatoes and basil pesto

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