• HEX: #e0e0ce
  • RGB: rgb(224, 224, 206)
  • HEX: #5e3823
  • RGB: rgb(94, 56, 35)
  • HEX: #78cbd6
  • RGB: rgb(120, 203, 214)
  • HEX: #3e939d
  • RGB: rgb(62, 147, 157)
  • HEX: #947856
  • RGB: rgb(148, 120, 86)

Watson’s Candies


Watson’s Candies needed a website to bring their brick and mortar shop into the 21st century. They were seeking  a clean and crisp e-commerce solution that would appropriately showcase their phenomenal assortment of chocolate products, and allow them to easily sell, manage, and automate their inventory related processes.

We used WordPress coupled with the popular WooCommerce plugin to achieve the majority of these goals.

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