• HEX: #e1e1e1
  • RGB: rgb(225, 225, 225)
  • HEX: #2d7b73
  • RGB: rgb(45, 123, 115)
  • HEX: #949d9b
  • RGB: rgb(148, 157, 155)
  • HEX: #787b7c
  • RGB: rgb(120, 123, 124)
  • HEX: #747473
  • RGB: rgb(116, 116, 115)

Laser and Skin Care Co.

Laser and Skin Care Co. required a new website to better reflect their practice’s personality and professionalism. Gracian combined soft beach themed textures with beach wood inlays and topped it off with subtle metal elements to bring back the scientific nature of a cosmetic practice.

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