• HEX: #bec4ce
  • RGB: rgb(190, 196, 206)
  • HEX: #1e1e1f
  • RGB: rgb(30, 30, 31)
  • HEX: #b65776
  • RGB: rgb(182, 87, 118)
  • HEX: #74787e
  • RGB: rgb(116, 120, 126)
  • HEX: #64645c
  • RGB: rgb(100, 100, 92)

Taking Care Wellness

Taking Care Wellness was one of Gracian’s earliest clients.  The project encapsulated creating a simple yet elegant website with Japanese inspired minimalist themes and motifs, built around her existing logo (designed by Laurie Partridge).

Leslie came to us requesting a way to easily display critical information as well as produce an exceedingly easy to use archive for her newsletters.

She also requested a place to publish quick-tip articles for link building and SEO purposes among other networked businesses in her area.  Her business website now ranks third on Google when you search “massage therapy Cape Elizabeth” when previously her site was not even present on the first two pages even if you searched the name of her business “Taking Care Wellness”.

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