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You Know You’re A PoliSci Major If (Part 5 of a Series)

    You watch the news for fun

  • You watch news stations you hate for fun
  • You actually care about the student government elections.
  • Your class discussions often degenerate into opinionated shouting matches
  • You know that PolySci majors rule… literally!
  • You know that PolySci is harder than other sciences because there aren’t any “absolute” answers
  • You never miss a presidential speech
  • You never miss a speech from a representative of your chosen party
  • You never miss a speech from a representative opposite of your chosen party
  • You never miss a speech from any party
  • You look up any speeches you happen to miss on YouTube
  • You can tell when politicians are saying what everyday citizens want to hear
  • You find yourself arguing with people about things you’re not even sure you believe in
  • You find yourself arguing with people who really don’t care about politics or what your saying at all
  • You’ve run for a municipal position in your town
  • You’ve run a write-in campaign
  • You hate the mainstream media, but you somehow love it at the same time
  • You actually like reading and studying the law
  • You understand the system of checks and balances
  • You’ve thought of a new system of government that hasn’t been tried yet
  • You know Marx’s life and philosophy better than you know yourself
  • You have been involved in multiple campaigns
  • You can name all of the current cabinet members
  • You actually know what NGO’s are
  • Your involved in multiple community and charity projects
  • You actually pay attention to third-party candidates and their issues
  • You can talk your way out of almost anything… Almost!
  • You’ve worked at a voting booth before
  • You always vote on election day… No Matter What!
  • You watch all of the polling, even years before the election takes place.
  • You know that when someone says that they are a righty or a lefty they are probably a moderate
  • You know and care about the statistical breakdown of voting patterns
  • You read policy analyses reports and papers for fun
  • You think writing a ten page paper is a short assignment
  • You know when a politician is answering your questions with their talking points
  • You watch old political ads for fun
  • You analyze political advertisements
  • You know how many types of political ads exist
  • You actually read the newspaper
  • Your professor has a collection of campaign memorabilia
  • You own multiple suits
  • You watch and laugh at the White House Correspondents Dinner
  • You actually watch C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2
  • You’ve actually written your congressman
  • You know who’s running for every elected office in your district

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