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April 29, 2013

6 Clothing Items NOT to Bring to College

This post originally appeared on http://thecamspuscompanion.com and was written by a staff writer.

So I’ve begun packing my room up, and I realized something absolutely horrific: there are suitcases full of clothes under my bed that I never, ever wore this year. I thought I would, clearly, but then…they just disappeared. Now, moving to/from college is hard enough, why would I ever want to lug an extra twenty (okay, fifty) pounds of crap to my room? So, lovelies, here I am passing on my wisdom to you: six items of clothing you should absolutely leave behind next year.

1) A shirt that you do not have an appropriate bra for

I understand that backs are flattering and cut-outs can offer that subtle bit of sexy that we love. BUT, and now it’s time for some real talk, if you buy a shirt with very artistic cut outs and you aren’t comfortable artistically displaying your bra or artistically praying your strapless/backless one will stay where it’s supposed to, then you may want to artistically save your money instead.

2) Those random printed jeans

Printed jeans can look awesome, I see the potential there for greatness. I also see the potential for a busy morning with three minutes left to get to class wondering what color shirt to wear with the aforementioned jeans, and then the one perfect neutral henley you’re looking for is nowhere to be found, etc. etc. etc…save yourself the stress. I mean, if you HAVE to go printed, choose one that’s basic enough to go with any shirt in your closet.

3) That miniskirt that just…doesn’t…

This is a pretty skirt, right? Okay, but it’s one of those skirts that probably won’t work with the shirt tucked in, yet would also look funny with the shirt untucked. So maybe you try to find a shorter top/crop top to pair with it, but then you realize that there’s a little bit of skin showing that you don’t like…see where I’m going here?

4) Unwearable hats

I’m from Florida and have seen my fair share of hats. Maybe the Kentucky Derby has provided you with some wide-brimmed inspiration, or maybe you are envisioning a luxurious day at the beach. But trust me: most hats, and I mean like 90% of hats, will end up sitting in your closet save for one theme party or “perfect” occasion. And I’m not talking about the tried and true winter beanie here, I’m talking about your wide brimmed, fedora, cowboy-type contraptions that will cause you more styling grief than happiness.

5) The bag that is not appropriate for life

Disclaimer: I love Kate Spade, I love handbags, and I would love a bag like this. Truth? This bag is not small enough to be my “necessities” (keys, ID, tinted Burt’s Bees lip balm, cell phone, cash) bag for a night out, nor is it large enough to hold my books/groceries/laptop, thus rendering it useless. I believe in two small going out bags and three larger bags: one tote that can be bounced around everywhere, one slightly nicer bag, and one medium leather bag that can hold interview supplies/books if necessary.

6) ‘Dat pair of heels

Maybe you’re into statement shoes. Freshman Ivy (me) had a serious statement heel addiction, and acquired many beautiful pairs of heels. Trouble was…Freshman Ivy wore none of them very much and instead wore out a pair of black, neutral, and red heels. What did that teach young fashionista me? That as awesome as statement shoes are, you really only need three pairs: two neutral (that can double as interview shoes) and one snazzy pair.

7) Bonus: That shirt with the thing plastered on it

This just needs to be said: I don’t care how you feel about cats or cartoon characters or big bold slogans, these shirts almost always end up in the “donate” bag. Save your cash and your dignity.

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