Even though winter seems like a never-ending, snowpocalyptic abyss right now, Spring Break is right around the corner! Is your Spring Break planned out? Okay…me neither. But luckily, college students like us have OPTIONS. From visiting family at home and catching up on Netflix to jetting off Cancun, there’s so much out there for all you hopeless wanderers, partiers, or couch potatoes.

The Spring Break Conundrum   montanakennedy

Are you ready for this?

1. The (stereotypical) Beach Trip

Remember all those random MTV specials of college kids in Cancun? Now’s your time to shine! Head down to where it’s sunny, beachy, and boozy and you’ve got your stereotypical Spring Break. While many of these Spring Break attractions can be sketchy, there’s no doubt that partying for a straight week has its perks (and it’s fair share of interesting stories). Be warned, your Miami getaway could cost a lot when considering the budget of the average college student. With thousands of other schools on Spring Break at the same time, chances are prices are already going up for hotels motels and flights. So grab your closest friends, a swim suit, some sunscreen and try not to be filmed by MTV…that really could come back to haunt you.

2. Road trip

Got friends? Got a car? Got some money for gas? That’s it! Your set for a road trip to any destination of your choosing (within reason). The alumni who interviewed me during the admissions process for my school told me about a junior year road trip from Rhode Island to Alaska that was planned in one night..and eventually came to define his entire college experience. He had me sold on that one. So, make sure your travel buddies are the type of people that you won’t want to strangle after a few hours in the car and head out! The beauty of road tripping is that you never know what you might come across. There’s got to be a museum of yarn somewhere that will pique your interests. Think about it: this is one of the only times in your life that you can get up and go, with no strings attached and no serious responsibilities.



The Spring Break Conundrum

Ready to take a Road Trip? Map it out.


3. Charity

Every school has the alternative spring break option: dedicating your week to charitable work. Whether you’re in Haiti or only a few blocks from your school, giving back to communities can be a great learning experience that could potentially change your life and the lives of people around you. Whether you’re building houses, teaching classes, or offering support, alternative spring breaks offer up a world of opportunity to make small scale changes that impact the lives of others. Remember how you told your college interviewer how much you wanted to change the world? Here you go…

The Spring Break Conundrum

Turn your Spring Break into your chance to change the world.

4. Go Home

Even though there are so many options for spring break, there is absolutely no shame in going home for your week off. Going home means home cooked food, showering without flipflops, enjoying family time, and simply recovering from the stresses of college life. Kick back, relax, and catch up on all of your TV shows or stop by your old high school for a visit. Catch up with some old friends and relive your high school glory days.

The Spring Break Conundrum

Go home and snuggle with your puppy.


5. Make up your own adventure. Right now.

None of these options catching your fancy? Alright here’s a challenge: figure out what you want to do, where you want to go, and just DO IT. I will bet that if you ask your friends if they’re interested in accompanying you on a self-financed backpacking journey through Europe, there’s at least one person who would totally be on board. I hate to bring back YOLO, but YOLO! Go out there and see the world before we all have to sell our souls to corporate America. Do it, I dare you.

The Spring Break Conundrum

Go on an adventure!


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