5 Free GPS Apps to Replace Apple Maps   No Apple MapsThere are a lot of free GPS apps out there, but the question is which ones are actually good? Many people use paid apps that are pretty popular, but there is no point in paying for an app when you can get a similar one for free. Here is a list of the best free iPhone GPS apps that work better than Apple Maps and those other apps you need to pay for.


Waze combines social networking and a GPS to create an app like no other. You can make an account or you can just connect through Facebook. This app lets you share your information with other Wazers and lets you see other people who are using the app by you. A really cool feature of this app is that you can report traffic, accidents, police, and other road hazards to any Wazer. It also shows you everything others have reported, and it is surprisingly really accurate. This app is great for getting you to a location in the fastest time possible. You can also connect with other Wazers through chatting, map pinning, and by personalizing your own Waze character.

5 Free GPS Apps to Replace Apple Maps   Waze


With this app, you get guided, turn-by-turn, GPS navigation. Much like expensive GPS units or apps, this free app speaks to you so you know when to make each turn. It is user-friendly and you can search for restaurants and other popular places with a single tap. Traffic is updated every five minutes so you can stay on track and know exactly how long it will take you to get somewhere. The app has also been updated to make it easier to find the cheapest gas prices and show you pictures of live traffic cameras for traffic on your route.5 Free GPS Apps to Replace Apple Maps   Mapquest


This app is pretty cool because you can view the maps in 2D or 3D. It boasts many features of paid GPS apps and has awesome graphics and satellite pictures. You can use the detailed driving instructions or the voice-guided GPS. This app would come in handy if you are doing study abroad because it has navigation for cities all over the world, instead of just the United States. AmAze also has some new cool features like speed trap and red camera alerts, real-time traffic conditions, and weather reports coming soon for free. A pop up comes up each time you start to purchase the full version, but just click out of it and enjoy the same thing for free.

5 Free GPS Apps to Replace Apple Maps   AmAze


iWant combines the yellow pages, restaurant reviews, movie show times, and directions all into one app. It’s really easy to use and you can find any place around you fairly quickly. It is good if you want to find new places or find out more information about places you already  know.  The free version and the paid version have the exact same information, except the free version has advertisements. The ads are just a ribbon on the bottom and are not distracting at all so there is no point in paying for the app.

5 Free GPS Apps to Replace Apple Maps   iWant


TeleNav is a remake of the GPS system that used to be on Sprint phones before the iPhone and App Store. The original app for the iPhone had a lot of bugs, but they have updated the app and fixed the problems. This is a free app, but you can purchase components in order to get voice-over control and other features, but the free portion has what you need for a good GPS. The free version has detailed maps, turn-by-turn directions, a search feature for places in the area, and daily traffic reports.

5 Free GPS Apps to Replace Apple Maps   TeleNav

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