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October 15, 2012

Top 5 Free Halloween Apps for iPhone and Android

This post originally appeared on http://thecamspuscompanion.com and was written by a staff writer.

Haunted House AppHalloween is a time to get scared and be whatever you want and these Halloween apps let you do just that. There are so many Halloween apps out there, and trust me, most of them don’t work or make you buy every option within them. These apps are scary and pretty fun and they don’t trick you into buying all the cool features you really want, you just have to deal with some advertisements on the sides.



Unless you live by a major theme park or an area known for being haunted, chances are you probably don’t hear much about haunted attractions or houses in your area. This Halloween app allows you to click on your state and see what haunted attractions are around you. Not all attractions in the state are listed, but it gives you a good idea for what is out there. If horror isn’t your thing, you can look under the family tab to find Halloween attractions that won’t give you a fright. This app also has haunted sounds and ghosts stories to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Halloween Camera


Taking pictures when you are dressed up can be fun, especially when you have a Halloween app with scary effects and frames. If you have an iPhone, there is an app that lets you have cool frames, like blood splatter and peeping tom, and scary effects, like infection and demon. Android doesn’t have a camera filter that is specifically for Halloween, but they do have one that includes everything. The app lets you have Halloween filters and you can add clipart, like witch hats and brooms.

Ghost RadarGhost Radar


If you like to scare your friends and yourself this is the perfect Halloween app. It is pretty much an electronic Ouija board for your phone. It is fun to mess around with and see where the ghosts are and have them answer you. I didn’t get any other color dot besides green, but maybe ghost just don’t like me or something. It is still pretty fun to play with especially if you have any friends who get scared really easily.

Halloween Ringtones


Halloween ringtones are a great way to get you in the Halloween spirit. This app has ringtones that are mostly scary, but not all of them are. If you like to scare your friends, this is defiantly the right Halloween app for you. You can assign songs as your ringtones, texts, notifications, or alarms. You can either search for your ringtone or look through a list of favorites. There are a good amount of songs to choose from, and it is pretty easy to navigate through them.

Scary Prank


If you have a sick sense of humor and find pleasure in other people’s terror, this Halloween app is for you. Some of the prank apps for phones are kind of lame and they see it coming, but this one has many options that look real. You can make it took like they are typing in contact information, playing a game, editing a photo, and more. Also, you can choose from a variety of ghosts and zombies, and some of them are kind of gross. And this app takes black mail pictures of when they get scared.

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