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October 8, 2012

4 Places To Study That Are Better Than The Campus Library

This post originally appeared on http://thecamspuscompanion.com and was written by a staff writer.

Studying in the library is great. The problem is that because it’s a great place to study, so many people go there. It gets crowded quick, especially on Sunday’s when everyone is a hung-over mess and working on things they procrastinated with all weekend. Libraries just never seem to have enough outlets either.

Whatever the issue might be, going on campus to study may not be your best bet. Not to worry, there are a plethora of places to work that don’t involve going to campus. All you need is some silence, an outlet and an internet connection. Studying in my room, for example, never works for me and I don’t even have any roommates. Most people, myself included, associate their room with relaxation and random Internet surfing. Merging that and the study atmosphere can be complicated. I find that when I study in my room, I get on Facebook, ESPN or check my Fantasy teams way too much. Next thing I know, two hours have gone by and I’ve written two line of my essay.

You need to find a place where you can get work done and not feel compelled to wander around the Internet. Here are a few places that meet all of these specified needs:

public library

Public Libraries

Your public library is a good places to study in because they pretty much hold all the same amenities as your campus library. The only difference is that it’s unlikely to be distracted by someone close to you regaling their friend with how hammered they got over the weekend. Students talking to each other can be one of the most annoying things about studying on campus. It’s an easy fix – just go to a public library instead.

hospital cafeteria


Hospitals are kind of out of the box, but a friend of mine swears by them. She goes to the visitor’s cafeteria and just sets up there. It’s open 24/7, supplied with food and has some of the fastest Internet you’ll ever use.



Bookstores have a lot of references to look through and can be a helpful place to study.  Everything is neatly organized and at your disposal. Bookstores also don’t attract a lot of people either and most have small cafes to sit down at. Chances are they sell coffee too, which brings me to…

coffee shop

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are my favorite spot to study. They obviously sell good coffee and the only reason people hangout there is to read or study or do something quietly. Coffee shops always have the most comfortable furniture as well. If you need an efficient place to study in, I highly recommend coffee shops.

The trick is not to just think of a place you like to be and study there. In fact, that’s usually the opposite of what you want to do. It’s important to keep places like you’re room or the beach as a relaxing atmosphere. Trying to study there can ruin that spot for you. It can also continue to postpone your studying.

Go someplace you’ve never been before and establish that as your study area. Do that at a few different places in case you can’t go to one. This way when you go to study, it’ll be easier to get down to business.

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