September 19, 2012

How to Make Coronaritas, Dosaritas, and other Beergaritas

This post originally appeared on and was written by a staff writer.

Something I’ve seen a lot of recently is dosaritas, coronaritas, margaronas,  and other beergaritas. I think the idea is cool, and they don’t actually taste that bad either. Therefor I’ve decided to explain what they are and show you how to make them. 

What is a Coronarita / Beergarita / Dosarita / Margarona?

Here is a great explanation of what the margarona / beergarita / dosarita / coronarita is all about, and where it came from.

Bargarita Ingredients

Here is a nice breakdown of what the beergarita’s contents includes. Make sure to note that this diagram is for the unfrozen margarita, not the slushy one which you might see in the pictures below. 

How to Make One

Margarona vs Corona Rita from Jim Cummings on Vimeo.