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August 23, 2012

Handcuff Party

This post originally appeared on http://thecamspuscompanion.com and was written by a staff writer.

Theme Descriptions

The handcuff party involves handcuffing a pair of opposite gender strangers at the beginning of the night, and forcing them to stay cuffed for the entirety of the party. They will spend the rest of the night laughing at each other’s failed pickup lines, playing opposite hand beer pong, and will likely form an unusually strong friendship or completely loathe each other by the end of the night.

Either way, it makes for a good story. Here is how you throw a Handcuff Party. 

Theme Implementation

 Step one: As your guests arrive to your handcuff party have them wait briefly outside until a mid-sized group of various partiers has amassed.

Step Two: Pick girls and a guys to be handcuffed to each other for the rest of the night.  Make sure that the pairs don’t know each other, and make sure that they are different genders. This is KEY. 

Step Three:  Allow guests to enter, and let the shenanigans begin. 

Step Four: Wait for guests to realize they have to pee with a stranger of the opposite gender in the same room. 

Decorations and Materials

Handcuff parties don’t require any specific decorations. However, they do require you to buy a buttload of handcuffs. They are pretty cheap if you buy crappy ones, but you should buy a couple of nice sets for the people you actually like.

Types of Handcuffs

As with the rule of variety you are going to want to provide a vast array of handcuffs to your guests. Either that or ask them to bring their own. 


Bathtub gin (AKA Burnett’s). Just kidding. No one should ever drink that godawful garbage. Make some Skittles Vodka or something. 

Keys to Success

  • No keys. Literally. Hide the keys or buy some bolt cutters to un-cuff people at the end of the party. 
  • Bolt cutters come in handy when there are people drunkenly cuffed to your shower rod, bed post, and lamp at the end of the night. IT HAPPENS.
  • Make sure when you are pairing people up that they are of different genders, and that they don’t already know each other. 


  • If the cops come, you’ve basically done all of the work for them. 
  • There will be people who are extremely unhappy about who they are cuffed to. This is OK! This is what makes every party work. There are those that are happy, and those that are unhappy. Emotional volatility adds excitement, and is sure to spice up any party. 
  • There will be people who get out of their cuffs.
  • There will be people who are cuffed to random household objects at the end of the night.
  • If you buy bolt cutters…. hide them…. there are drunk people lurking. 

Theme Pairings



Handcuff Party Gallery

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