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August 5, 2012

Dorm Room Walls: Upgrade From Dungeon Status To Custom Designed Den

This post originally appeared on http://thecamspuscompanion.com and was written by a staff writer.

When’s the last time you walked into a dorm room and commented on “what a beautiful job they did with the walls”? Probably never. Dorm room walls are usually downright drab, but that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer a view of holes, tape residue, and chipping plaster. Whether your walls are covered in peeling paint, rough red bricks, or some form of questionable looking concrete, we’ve got you and your walls covered (literally) with these simple tips and stylistic tricks.


If you have painted walls in your dungeon-like dwelling, use sticker decals that look as if they were already part of the walls to automatically spruce up barren space and hide unsightly marks. These “stickers” not only come in various graphic designs, but also words and quotes. So feel free to tack your motto where everyone can clearly see it, and they’ll probably wonder how you finagled Residential Life into letting you hire an interior decorator. You can even find adhesive wall frames in which to put your favorite pictures, to really make yourself feel at home, no matter the distance of your school. Best of all, these decals last long and won’t curl up or lose their stickiness over time. However, they are also fairly easy to remove with a little soap, water, and gentle peeling, saving you from those dreaded damage fees at the end of the semester.














Lucky enough to be blessed with brick or cement? Well, now you are also lucky enough to be able to cover those not so welcoming walls. Invest in a giant tapestry spread to transform your room into a chic and highly original space. Remodeling your walls with the help of these cloth works of art is simple. Use tacks to attach the fabric to mounting tape and then attach the mounting tape to the walls. Better yet, these expansive decorations can double as bed or couch covers. Buy two and swap them between your walls and furniture to give your room a two second makeover and a totally new look.



Target, $59.99














If your walls are fabric, cork, or some other slightly squishy material, grab yourself a box of tacks and get to work. The best part about this type of wall is that you can hang mostly anything from it with a simple pushpin, and remove everything quite easily, too.  Create a collage of your favorite pictures or cover your walls in movie posters and scenic panoramas. Or, summon your school spirit and pin up a pennant or flag banner with your  school’s name.



With these simple solutions you can now differentiate yourself from the rest of the dorm room dwellers at your school to make the best of your makeshift  bedroom. While nothing will ever beat your mom’s interior decorating at least you can make yourself feel at home with a couple personal touches that will help bring your walls to life.


Featured image from: Create & Celebrate

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