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July 21, 2012

Ombre All Over

This post originally appeared on http://thecamspuscompanion.com and was written by a staff writer.

Although the ombre trend features fading colors, ombre is anything but a fading trend. From dip dyed denim to color gradient sweaters, ombre seems to be the fashion DO of the moment. So, instead of just adding some vibrant pastels or electric neons to your wardrobe, opt for ombre to spice it up even more.


Not only are ombre jeans original and eye catching, but they’re also highly flattering. Dark tones of denim at the thighs fading into lighter washes at the ankles elongate legs and slims hips. Vibrant ombre jeans in shades of pink, yellow, or baby blue are also fun alternatives to traditional denim. While jeans are perfect for the fall, if you’re still shopping for your summer wardrobe, ombre shorts are an equally hot item.


Zara, $29.99


Ombre is also taking over sweaters, blouses, and tanks. Brightly colored ombre tops go well with solids, whether they be leggings, dark straight legs, or white skinny jeans. To prevent color clashing and stylistic confusion, avoid pairing ombre shirts with patterned or multicolored bottoms.

ASOS, $53.02


Ombre dresses can be either ultra funky and playful or super chic and elegant. Choose a sweetheart neckline, tulle cocktail for a vivacious, girly look.  Or flaunt a full length, flowing gown for an elegant, graceful vibe.



Zoe Saldana looks flawless in a fiery red ombre gown. (photo courtesy of The House of Fabulous)


Not only is ombre flooding fashion, but fading colors are now also making quite the debut appearance in makeup and hair trends. Countless celebs have been spotted with ombre nails on the red carpet and on the streets. This cascading color manicure is perfect for both casual and formal occasions and is a pretty alternative to your basic french. Better yet, these nails don’t take a pro to do, they’re perfect for a DIY. Just be sure to choose shades within one color of each other that transition easily from one nail to the next.

(photo courtesy of Fashionisers.com)

Perhaps the most daring, but simultaneously dazzling ombre trend yet is the dark to light “hair-shade-fade”. Rainbow sherbet-like ombre hair achieved with dyes or hair chalk, has popped up all over the place. However, the more natural look of brunette fading to caramel tones and blonde fading into angelic, almost white shades has also moved to the forefront of fashion. Think of ombre as highlights, but only for your tips. Lighter ends cascading down from darker shades at the roots add depth and movement to hair, giving it glamorous body and volume.

(photo courtesy of becomegorgeous.com)

Featured image courtesy of: Asos.com 

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