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July 21, 2012

Fall’s Favorite Flat: The Smoking Slipper

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Like many popular fashion trends, this upcoming season’s must-have shoe draws its inspiration from menswear: the formal smoking slipper. The offspring of ladylike loafers and ballet slippers that previously reigned supreme, the chic smoking flat hit the catwalks of last year’s Fall/Winter shows. Versatile and comfortable, while effortlessly adding both grace and edge to any outfit, this shoe unsurprisingly began to gain popularity on the street.

Fashionista Alexa Chung helped popularize the trend by showing off these adorable Charlotte Olympia Kitty smoking slippers at Valentino’s 2012 Spring/Summer show in Paris. (Haute Inhabit)

Better yet, smoking slippers have remained a favorite on the feet of models for the fall ready-to-wear collections. However, this season, designers have impressed with their talent for updating the originally simple shoe with unique and fierce twists. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the myriad variations on the smoking slipper and purchase your first pair, or add a second (because there is no shame in owning too many), as it becomes this fall’s favorite flat.


If you’re a smoking flat virgin, no need to fret over the many style options. Just stick with the classics, which are the epitome of elegance. They may be more simple in design, but they are equally as fashionable as all the styles below while being more likely to flatter whatever outfit you have on. After all, it was the classic smoking slipper that started the entire trend, so you know it’s fabulous without any embellishment.

These flats embody what the classic smoking slipper is all about: fine quality. Sleek in its simplicity, the cut is sharp with the added element of luxury from the black suede. (Nordstrom, $60)


Smoking slippers are actually considered  a subcategory of women’s loafers, which can often be hard to see, even in the classic example above. As the designs become more abstract and complex, the masculine origins of this trend become even harder to appreciate. If you really want to embrace the menswear inspiration, try something like this:

These tan smoking flats, which closely resemble loafers, are a more direct interpretation of menswear, in the style of a brogue with a few feminine details, such as the tassels and low heel. (ASOS, $81)


Animal prints have been making a comeback, a trend that can be frightening to try but a great creative outlet for the more adventurous crowd. As such, animal prints have met the perfect match in smoking flats, which retain their elegance and keep the prints from being overtly flashy. However, it still remains a bold choice, so you’ll want to make the shoe the focal point of your outfit, because unlike the other styles of smoking slippers, you can’t just throw animal prints on with anything.

Get a little wild with these leopard print slippers – which also happen to be one of the most prominent styles of smoking flats seen on the street. (Piperlime, $80)


I mean, who doesn’t love glitter? Certainly the most feminine variation of smoking flats, these are also the most delightfully free-spirited and precious. Wearing them will bring back memories of how you used to wobble around the house playing dress-up in half-inch glittery heels. Release that inner five-year-old with these striking, all-grown-up slippers.


Gold, glitter, feminine smoking flats. What more can a girl ask for? (Modcloth, $35)


Sometimes, it’s the little details that make the shoe. Instead of playing with the print of the fabric, these detailed styles build upon the classic smoking flat with metal accents to take them to the next level.


Unlike other smoking flats with stud details, these are balanced by the sleek beige color and detailing concentrated to one half of the shoe. They are still the edgiest style here, and you are sure to spice up any outfit with these fun kicks. (Tobi, $35)


Perfect for a late autumn stroll, these delicate burgundy slippers are near-perfect. That one simple detail of the gold tip makes them one of the most refined options. (Piperlime, $80)


If you can’t wait until September to start wearing this trend, you don’t have to! The smoking slipper made a crossover into summer shoe wear, too, available in neon colors or light materials, like cotton and mesh.

Half flat-half sandal, these hot pink slingback slippers are the perfect combination of the smoking flat and summer fun, and the cotton material will keep your feet cool. (Topshop, $36)

Featured Image From: All Day I Dream About Shopping

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