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April 5, 2012

How to Sneak Liquor Onto a Cruise Ship

This post originally appeared on http://thecamspuscompanion.com and was written by a staff writer.

Cruises are very popular among the college crowd, and come spring break college students around the country are asking themselves the same question….

“How do I sneak liquor onto a cruise ship?”

Well folks, we have an answer to your question. Here is how you can sneak liquor onto your cruise and party without going broke. 

Simply pour your vodka in an empty blue Listerine bottle, add 3 drops of blue food coloring and 1 drop of green. If it is a green Listerine bottle add 2 drops of green coloring. You now have a 5th of vodka to use for your beverages!!! If you drink a dark liquor, like whiskey, simply use the white Listerine bottles!


Obviously the cruise lines aren’t stupid, and they will eventually catch on to this trick if they already haven’t. That’s why the guy in the next video exists… He goes above and beyond in his dedication to affordable cruise drinking. Take a look. 

Have you found any creative ways of smuggling liquor onto a cruise?

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