Le Tour de Franzia

Le Tour de Franzia

Le Tour de Franzia   Tour De Franzia

The “Tour de Franzia” AKA “Slap the Bag” AKA “Goon of Fortune” involves drinking a 5 liter box of wine as fast as possible with a team consisting of between 4-12 players (depending on how terrible you want your hangover to be…) all teams are required to have the same number of participants. 

There are a number of ways to play the game. The simplest version is to just name the first team to finish their boxed wine the winner. However, there are much more complex versions out there like this one from Drink Wiki.  Most people like to keep it simple because it’s too hard to remember all those damn rules when you are drinking 5 liters of “delicious” boxed wine. 

For a glimpse of the more complex version watch these gentlemen play using kiddy bikes with training wheels. You have to admire their dedication. 


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