The Thankstini (The Official Drink of Thanksgiving)

The Thankstini (The Official Drink of Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving is often viewed as a lesser holiday bested by seemingly more important ones like Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween and more.  BUT, it is one of the few with a newly OFFICIAL drink, created by Barney Stinson in the hit CBS series “How I Met Your Mother“.

It actually DOES kind of taste like a Thanksgiving Dinner.

The Thankstini (The Official Drink of Thanksgiving)   Thanks tini 224x300INGREDIENTS

  • Potato Vodka
  • Cranberry Juice
  • and 1/4 Boullion Cube (modified from the HIMYM version which called for an ENTIRE cube)


  1. Combine Ingredients in a Shaker with Ice
  2. Shake Thoroughly
  3. Strain into a Chilled Martini Glass
Initially, I thought the drink sounded disgusting.  After all, Boullion cubes really should not have any place in the world of mixology, but all things considered it actually wasn’t half bad.  For those who are fans of salted margeritas, or dirty martinis, you know the value of salt in a drink, and the sweet/salty presentation of the Thankstini can, in a weird way, hit the spot.  


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