Free Iphone Apps Every College Freshman Should Be Downloading



You can do almost anything on Facebook mobile that you can do on regular Facebook. This is a MUST HAVE for any entering college freshman. When you meet someone you think is cool add them as a friend before you forget.


If you’re a true twitter junkie this is the app for you. Like the Facebook mobile app, you can do anything with mobile twitter that you can do with twitter on your computer.


When you get to college chances are that you’ll get lonely and homesick. Skype is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family . Unlike Iphone “Face Time”, you are able to share files and other features.


As a college student you SHOULD start working on your resume the second you step on campus. LinkedIn is the future of resumes, networking, and anything related to your professional life. It’s essentially Facebook for your professional life.


Hey Tell will transform your Iphone into a walkie talkie. This may sound superfluous, but you should try it anyways. It is quite fun and remarkably addicting. It is great for talking to that cute girl or boy you are trying to court from across campus.


Bump lets you share almost anything contained in your Iphone. The concept is simple… Just bump your phones and the information is transferred. It is a truly FANTASTIC app.


Tumblr– Blogging app.
WordPress – Blogging app.
StumbleUpon – Browse through random internet websites. GREAT for boredom.
Tweetdeck – Manage all of your major social accounts in one place.
Foursquare – Check in. Find your friends. Unlock your city.



There are a ton of sites out there that provide pre-made flashcards on a variety of subjects. This app isn’t an all encompassing solution, but it is a great starting point for students studying on the go.  It uses the popular flashcard site Quizlet to supply college students with amazingly helpful flashcards.


Wikipedia is the number one site that students go to when they begin researching a topic. Having this handy app on your phone allows to do a little research on whatever subject  wherever you are


Many schools now use the web-based learning and teaching software  Blackboard to control their learning experience. With this app you will now be able to access Blackboard on the go! If youre school doesn’t use Blackboard then you obviously shouldn’t bother with this app.


MyHomework lets you keep yourself constantly on track when it comes to your school work. Use this app to keep tabs on when your homework is due, when you have classes, and virtually anything else school related.


Most colleges have a mandatory language requirement that you must complete before you are able to graduate. Google translate is great for when you are trying to complete homework, and can even help you communicate when you are doing a study abroad session. It’s voice recognition allows to to say a phrase in English and translate it into almost any language!


It’s always a good idea to get a feel for a professor before you sign up for their class. The rate my professors app allows you to look up a professor before you decide to sign up for their class.


Never buy a paperback dictionary ever again. This app serves as a pocket dictionary / thesaurus, and will even deliver you a “word of the day” should you desire it!


Words with Friends is a way for you to play, what is essentially Scrabble, with friends on an ongoing basis via your Iphone. Whether you are bored in class or lounging on the couch in your dorm room, Words With Friends will keep you entertained. This great app is brought to you by Zynga.


As far as free Iphone e-book applications are concerned Stanza is probably the best. If you are a ravenous reader devouring book after book, you should download this app immediately.


You should be shopping around to try and save money on your textbooks. You can often times save yourself hundreds of dollars over the course of a semester. One way to do this is by renting your books from Chegg. Check out their new Textbooks Solutions App as well!


This app is great for helping you with your homework. It virtually does your homework for you! This company is now owned by the textbook renting company Chegg, so you can expect the same kind of quality as you would from the Chegg app!


Easy Bib –Bibliographies made easy.

Etextbooks e-textbooks provided by Course Smart.

Ihomework – Homework and class management app.

Mental Case – Flashcards app.

ibookshelf – Top ranked books.




When you first step foot on your college campus you are going to wonder “so what the hell is there to do around here?” AroundMe will assist you in answering this question, and it will do it with great depth and breadth.


This app turns your Iphone into a remote for itunes or Apple TV. It is fantastic for when you throw a house party or are lounging with some friends. Simply configure the app to communicated with your computer or TV, and you can control the music that plays remotely from your Iphone wherever you are in the house.


Fandango lets you find movies playing around you and order tickets in advance so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of buying them when you get there. This is a great app for anyone, but especially college students.


Urban Spoon solves the age-old dilemma of “Where should I eat tonight?” Simply shake your Iphone and you have the answer.  If you don’t like the suggestion just shake it again.  No more arguing with friends over where you should eat. No more 30 minute debates that result in a dissatisfying choice.


Sportacular lets you keep up to date with personalized information on your favorite teams, players, leagues, etc.  This app routinely championed as the best sports app around.


Trip advisor will help you plan an amazing trip whether you are just going on a spontaneous road trip, flying to Vegas, or going to some exotic location for spring break.


Instagram – Photo Sharing app that lets you manipulate photos

Epicurious – Recipes for any occasion

Yelp – Ratings for places to eat, shop, drink, play, relax, and much more.





Look up drinking games with this app. It helps your make sure you are playing a game right, and find a new game to play if you want to be adventurous. This app is sure to liven up your party.


Mixology is perfect for deciding the “drink of the week” or coming up with a drink on the spot. It’s a great way to mix things up and get the party started.


If you’ve gone to college you know that there are going to be nights when you get really drunk, and call people you probably shouldn’t. At least make it interesting with CrunkDial.


You’re going to need to get rides everywhere your freshman year. This app is fantastic for when you need to get a ride to the airport or anywhere else.

Also, DO NOT BE AFRAID to call a taxi when you are too drunk to drive. You’re parents would rather foot your 50 dollar taxi bill than buy you a coffin because you wrapped your car around a tree.


Drinkspiration – This app is a great way to view a variety of drinks. It is made by Absolut Vodka.

8,500 drinks – Drink recipes.

R-U-Buzzed? BAC Calculator – This app won’t give you a reliable BAC reading, but it is still highly amusing.





Both Shazam and Sound Hound allow you to figure out who made that great song you are listening to on the radio. Simply tap a button and you have the answer. No longer will you hear a great song, and be left wondering “Gah!  I wonder who that was…”


Pandora is an internet radio app that is based of the music genome project. It creates playlists based on your individual taste in music.  It is great for when you want to discover new music, or just don’t feel like controlling what is playing on your iPod.  Set up a station, and relax. This app is fantastic for when you go to the beach!


Like Pandora, Mixcloud is another internet based playlist app that allows you to explore music. Try it out if you don’t like Pandora.


If you like going to concerts or other stadium events this is the app for you. Stub Hub makes buying tickets to your favorite artists and events extremely easy.


The greatly anticipated Spotify just recently entered the US market to a very welcoming crowd.  However, most people still aren’t even aware it exists! Check out this app and start streaming music to your Iphone immediately.


Use Live Nation to discover what artists are playing in your area, find tickets, and explore the venues. Live nation is a great app for true music lovers, and keeps you up to date with the local music scene.


Tap DJ – Pocket DJ app.
Last Fm – Listen to music.





This is a MUST HAVE app for ANYONE, but especially college students. There is not point in trying to explain all the note taking features of Evernote in one paragraph. DOWNLOAD IT. PLAY WITH IT. LOVE IT. It will make your college experience a lot easier.


OneNote is better suited as a note taking computer application. However, with the OneNote app you can access all of your notes from your Windows Skydrive account if you are ever on the run and can’t use a computer. If you don’t know what OneNote is, check it out. You will never buy another paper notebook for college ever again.


Download drop box on your computer, sync all your files to the cloud, and access those files from other computers and your Iphone wherever you are.


There is a brigade of Iphone “T0-DO” list apps on the market. However, this is by far one of the most complete solutions.  Download it and take it for a spin this week. At the end of the week you may find yourself a lot less stressed, and much more productive.


Wunderlist – To-do list app.
 Documents To Go – Document editing on Iphone for excel, word, powerpoint etc.
Dragon – Voice Recognition.





This app is a MUST HAVE for any college student trying to control and understand their finances. Check out the features page, and DOWNLOAD IT NOW. PERIOD. NO ARGUMENTS. Your parents might even make you once they realize they can spy on your every financial transaction


In terms of renting textbooks Chegg is King. However, if you are looking to purchase textbooks you should use Campus Books. This is a shopping bot that will search a wide range of book retailers to find you the cheapest deal. It even delivers results from Chegg.


Ever feel like you’re the kid that always gets hit up for money when your friends don’t have any? This app will help you get in touch with your inner loan shark. Spot Me will make sure you never feel taken advantage of financially ever again.


Square allows you to accept credit card payments directly through your Iphone. This app only made the list because we’ve seen it used at house parties to collect cash from those annoying uninvited guests that “don’t have any cash”. We thought that was a really cool use for the app. It could also be used to collect money from those moochers that owe you money “but don’t have cash”.  Square will even send you a free scanner!


Whether you are scheduling your routine visit back to mom and dad’s house or you want to book a last minute trip to Las Vegas, this app will find you the cheapest flights available!


This handy Iphone app, brought to you by Mastercard, allows you to find an ATM WHEREVER you are. In seconds you can locate an ATM as opposed to hunting around the town and inquiring about ATM’s at local convenience stores and gas stations.


Shop Savvy – Bar code scanner and price comparison.
Mooch – Track who owes you money.
Craigslist - Search Craigslist listings.





This is one of the best Iphone fitness apps on the market. Track your food intake and exercise, budget your calorie intake, monitor almost every aspect of your fitness with this app. There are a ton of very impressive features included in this app.


Running is a great way to stay in shape in college. Anyone can run, and this app will help you make the most of the experience. Get real time tracking, in depth stats, and other cool features delivered to you about your run!


You’re in college now… Mom and dad aren’t going to do all the grocery shopping. It’s up to you to remember to get laundry detergent, coffee, and other miscellaneous items you took for granted as a high school student. This app will help you remember everything you need to get if you are especially forgetful. Just add the items to your list as you think of them.


Fitness Buddy – View exercise demos, and work out more efficiently.
RunKeeper – Record your runs, and other cool features.





Don’t bother buying an alarm clock for college. Just download this app and you can wake up to your favorite music, track your sleep patterns, and much much more.


Chances are likely that you will lose or have your Iphone stolen in college (especially if you have been drinking).  Save your friends the annoyance of returning those “lost my phone” Facebook messages, and just download this app. You’ll be able to recover your phone in no time, and save yourself a lot of money in the process.


This app turns your Iphone into a flashlight by utilizing your Iphone’s LED camera flash. You can control how long the flash stays on, and it will illuminate the room without you having to fumble around in the dark to find a flashlight. We just saved your $5, you’re welcome. LUMOS!


There are going to be countless times when you need to access the internet but don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network. This app gives you the capability of finding a Wi-Fi network whenever you desire.


Sit or Squat: Bathroom Finder – Find a bathroom anywhere you go no matter what.

Red Laser- Bar and QR code reader for almost anything.





There really is no one suggestion for where you should get your news. This is largely a matter of personal taste. Here are a couple of the best news apps for college students. As a college student you should probably be reading these on a daily basis in an attempt to keep abreast on current events.


You are going to have to go apartment hunting in college. This app takes all the pain out of the apartment hunting process. Search listings aggregated from a variety of sources, view photos, see listings on a Google map, and filter them based on a host of factors. It will also grab Walk Score Information for each apartment.  This is truly the best apartment hunting app!


This app is actually a grouping of very useful apps for almost anything you can think of. It’s got everything from games  to productivity apps. You need to download it to really grasp the magnitude of how much this collection offers.


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