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June 8, 2011


This post originally appeared on http://thecamspuscompanion.com and was written by a staff writer.

I will say this much, Shamwow is probably the greatest party drinking game of all time.  Why?  Because, with Shamwow, the number of players is limitless, everyone is engaged, beer flows freely and consistently, and hilarity always ensues.

What You Need

  • 1 large table (actual size is dependent upon the # of players)
  • At least 2 ping-pong balls (more is preferable)
  • 4 Solo cups per a player
  • 2 Additional Solo Cups
  • Beer


  1. Start by positioning the four cups per a player together flush in the center of the large table (save the two extra cups).
  2. Fill each of these cups with about 1-2 inches deep with beer, but fill one cup more than the others. (This full cup will be saved for last)
  3. Players then circle the table
  4. Position the two remaining cups in front of two players on opposite sides of the table.
  5. Give each of these players with cups in front of them a ping-pong ball
  6. position two containers with any extra ping-pong balls on the table (if you have them).

Your Game Table Should Look Like This


Gameplay (Rules)

  1. Gameplay begins when the players on opposite sides attempt to bounce their ping-pong balls into their start-cups (players 1 + 6 in the diagram).  They must shoot until they get it in.
  2. If one of the start players get their ping-pong ball into their start cup on the first try (say player 1), they can pass to any players on the table (2-10).
  3. If they do not get it on the first try they must pass their cup to the left.
  4. The player who is passed a cup must then bounce until they get it in.
  5. Eventually when the cups are adjacent (say players 9 and 10), the player to the right (9 in this case) will have the opportunity to shamwow another player.  If player 9 gets their ping-pong ball into the start cup before player 10, he or she must slam his or her start-cup into player 10’s start cup (making a stack of 2 cups).
  6. Player 10 has been shamwowed and must pass the 2 cup stack to the player to the left (in this case player 1).  Player 10 must then take a cup from the center, chug it, and begin to bounce their ping-pong ball into the cup they just chugged.
  7. Meanwhile, player 1, having received the 2 cup stack must attempt to bounce their ball into the 2 cup stack.
  8. Continue until no cups are left. (YES, this will create a giant 20 cup stack that will be very difficult to bounce your ping-pong ball into)
  9. If a player accidentally gets their ball into one of the center cups while shooting for their stack cup, or start cup, they must drink the center cup, place it into the stack cup and then resume shooting for their start cup.
  10. If a player bounces to hard and loses a ping-pong ball they may grab a new one from the table containers, while idle players deal with the lost ball.
  11. The final shamwowee must drink the final center cup filled with beer, unless a ball has been accidentally bounced into it.


  1. Instead of filling the final center cup with beer, some people actually play the game with its namesake and use a Shamwow to clean the game-table top.  This shamwow is then wrung out into the final center cup.
  2. Others, who like the disgusting, but prefer more cleanliness than dirty shamwow/table beer will just fill the cup with a god-awful concoction of mixed alcohols.  At one party, I saw players pour in wine, tequila, beer, rum, and hawaiian punch.
  3. A very good variation to this game is to have not only beer cups but cups filled with sand in the center.  If you pull a cup with sand, or accidentally get your ball in a sand cup, you remove an article of clothing instead of drinking.


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