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April 2, 2011

The Joys of Edible Marijuana

This post originally appeared on http://thecamspuscompanion.com and was written by a staff writer.



  • 5 grams marijuana
  • 1 stick butter/ 1 cup vegetable oil



1) Remove seeds and stems from five grams of marijuana. Grind buds until reasonably separated for sautéing.
2) Melt small amount of butter in base of skillet. Bring butter to a low simmer.
3) Add ground marijuana. Sautee contents for 15-20 minutes stirring intermittently.
4) Strain butter from marijuana grinds. (Cheese Cloth Works Best)
5) Keep the remaining marijuana grinds because they retain some potency. Store butter in a butter tin and oil in a tincture. Other containers work equally well.
Note:  For better results, use a double boiler to control the temperature of the butter while cooking.  This will reduce burning, and thereby protect potency by keeping all THC from being denatured.


This means you don’t have to put a towel under the door and tamper with the smoke detectors in your room. You can just put some on your tongue and play the waiting game.



The characteristic smell of pot is its most ostensible shortcoming. Because marijuana extract doesn’t require smoking, this characteristic is eliminated and therefore easier to use in a dormitory environment.



Keeping marijuana extract in a butter tin almost guarantees the authorities will pass it over during a room search. However, if they find a baggy full of green leafy material they sure as hell know it isn’t oregano.



Thirdly, you don’t have to smoke it. You can add it to food and other edibles. This makes it tasty, and in my opinion, more fun than actual smoking.  Plus, you are satisfying your munchies before you even have them.

The only real disadvantage of using marijuana extract is that it takes longer to kick in and it’s easier to over do.



Marijuana butter/oil should not be consumed in excess. It is much easier to overdose with marijuana extracts than actually marijuana. Try first taking a small teaspoon of the extract to gauge your tolerance.

Don’t be in imbecile. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery while high. Be responsible, and don’t put yourself or others in danger. Make sure you are in a safe environment where the most dangerous thing around you is an entire cheesecake.Marijuana extract has many advantages over smokable marijuana….


The Campus Companion does not necessarily agree or endorse any of the opinions or fact presented in this article.






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